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Six synergies of storage innovation

The IBM Spectrum Storage Suite unlocks the potential of data, while empowering IT teams to increase business agility and efficiency with the right infrastructure for new workloads.


Fueling business innovation and insight

Data. It’s the natural resource that is fueling business innovation in the digital era. It’s the raw material that is supplying today’s organizations with the insight needed to make well-informed decisions.

Evolving data resources expand potential. New-era cloud environments, advanced analytics, and mobile and social applications are all driving huge growth in data volumes. To compete, you need to take advantage of all this data and turn it into acute insights.

The challenge? Cost-effectively optimizing current storage environments while exploiting new opportunities can strain storage budgets. What you need is a single software defined storage (SDS) toolset for capturing, storing and managing data. An end-to-end SDS suite can help you take advantage of agility, cost-efficiency and flexibility for storing data. With this solution in place, you’ll accelerate time to insight to enhance and maintain your competitive edge. And as you grow, a single budget line item for storage software from IBM can make costs predictable for refreshing your storage hardware or changing your infrastructure approach.

In today’s business environment, data from a wide range of sources serves as a new natural resource that is energizing insight and strategic decisions.

Adapting storage to transform workloads

Enterprises have increasingly seen a shift from structured workloads to unstructured workloads. The rise in applications that depend on databases storing structured (block-based) data in traditional data centers has given way to unstructured (file- and object-based) data such as email messages, slide presentations and documents.

Legacy storage area networks (SANs) that traditionally support block-based data can’t adapt to support the storage demands of new applications, virtual environments and analytics—from capture to analysis, protection and archiving. As a result, many enterprises are already re-architecting their data centers with storage-rich servers. These servers support advanced cloud, analytics, and mobile and social workloads. And many direct-attach disk arrays and numerous servers with large amounts of internal capacity—none of which is connected to a SAN—characterize their storage infrastructures.

While storage hardware is significantly different for these infrastructures and use cases, the fundamental storage capabilities businesses need to support their workloads are quite similar. SDS can have a significant impact on these workloads, particularly in terms of massive gains in efficiency.

Bringing flexibility and agility to data-based insights

A comprehensive suite of SDS tools can empower business users to abstract storage intelligence from storage hardware. The result is an adaptable storage environment that is ready to meet the changing needs of your business.

The value of SDS for lines of business depends on matching specific storage needs to the appropriate storage implementation. While SDS has the potential to bring value to end users, it also represents many different approaches for leveraging data regardless of locations, data types, applications and storage hardware. With SDS, access to data is greatly enhanced regardless of how the data infrastructure evolves.

By separating storage capabilities from the underlying hardware, SDS adds the flexibility and agility to granularly control how storage supports each part of the infrastructure.

Simplifying storage to speed cloud-based, data-driven innovation

Based on IBM analysis of IDC quarterly data, IBM ranks as the number one SDS provider. The IBM Spectrum™ Storage Suite unlocks the potential of data, increasing your business agility and efficiency in ways that were unimaginable until now. Using IBM Spectrum Storage, you can software-define terabytes of physical storage with any combination of IBM Spectrum Storage capabilities—and with just a single license. This solution suite helps your team quickly deploy the required infrastructure for new workloads and storage types. Just add capacity and download the IBM Spectrum Storage software you need to get the job done.

IBM Spectrum Storage enhances the speed and efficiency of your storage and streamlines migration to new workloads in several ways:

  • Simplifies storage management and data protection
  • Delivers elastic scalability
  • Unifies storage silos
  • Optimizes data economics
  • Builds on industry standards such as OpenStack and Apache Hadoop

How does the single-license approach to SDS offered by IBM Spectrum Storage benefit enterprises?

  • Agility: Gain the agility to easily expand, contract, ingest and extract data to capitalize on innovation and competitive opportunity.
  • Cost-efficiency: Make costs predictable both today and tomorrow with a single budget line item for storage software.
  • Flexibility: Choose to implement storage in the way that best fits the business, whether through an appliance, an integrated solution or the cloud.

The IBM Spectrum Storage Suite dynamically augments added storage hardware capacity to flexibly speed workload migration. It enhances the cost-efficiency of storage environments for today’s implementations and tomorrow’s upgrades.

IBM Spectrum Storage: Expanding data storage capabilities

The IBM Spectrum Storage Suite offers a holistic storage solution geared to help you modernize your storage infrastructure.

IBM brings together comprehensive, field-tested storage technology with extensive deployment expertise and leading‑edge data management capabilities. By licensing the entire suite instead of individual components, you can ensure you’re well prepared to continue adapting your storage infrastructure as workloads evolve over time. A single IBM Spectrum Storage Suite license offers access to six powerful tools for building an SDS strategy.

IBM Spectrum Control

IBM Spectrum Control™ provides efficient infrastructure management for virtualized, cloud and SDS to help simplify and automate storage provisioning, as well as capacity management, availability monitoring and reporting. IBM Spectrum Control offers a single pane of glass to monitor, manage and manipulate storage, boosting efficient utilization across the enterprise.

IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM Spectrum Protect™ enables reliable, efficient data protection and resiliency for software defined, virtual, physical and cloud environments—as well as core applications and remote facilities. IBM Spectrum Protect integrates with VMware and Hyper-V for efficient virtual machine data protection that includes hardware-assisted snapshots, copy management and incremental forever backups. It mitigates the risk of data loss through frequent snapshots, multisite replication and disaster recovery management. And IBM Spectrum Protect helps reduce the total cost of data protection with built-in efficiency features that can reduce backup infrastructure costs by up to 53 percent, based on IBM assessments using Butterfly software.1

IBM Spectrum Archive

IBM Spectrum Archive™ helps reduce costs by automatically and easily moving infrequently accessed data from disk to tape. Without using proprietary tape applications, the solution enables direct, intuitive and graphical access to data stored in IBM tape drives and libraries. By incorporating the IBM® Linear Tape File System™ (LTFS) format standard for reading, writing and exchanging descriptive metadata on formatted tape cartridges, IBM Spectrum Archive helps eliminate the need for additional tape management and software to access data. It allows you to automatically move infrequently accessed data from disk to tape to reduce costs while retaining ease of use and without using proprietary tape applications.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize

IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ is at the heart of IBM SAN Volume Controller, IBM Virtual Storage Center, the IBM Storwize® family, IBM FlashSystem™ V9000 storage and VersaStack. It allows heterogeneous storage resources to be presented as a homogeneous storage pool for up to five times capacity utilization.2 It also delivers the performance and scalability needed to gain insights from the latest analytics technologies.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize can handle the massive volumes of data from the broadest range of sources, including mobile and social applications to Internet of Things sensors. At the same time, it enables rapid and flexible cloud services deployments. IBM Spectrum Virtualize empowers these systems to deliver better data value, security and simplicity through leading‑edge virtualization. This virtualization transforms existing and new storage and streamlines deployment for an easy, highly responsive, scalable and cost-efficient IT infrastructure.

IBM Spectrum Accelerate

IBM Spectrum Accelerate™ is an ultraflexible, enterprise-class, software defined offering designed to facilitate deployment of block storage in minutes instead of days. To help reduce deployment time, you can manage all IBM Spectrum Accelerate instances, wherever they are deployed, using a single, intuitive interface.

Based on proven IBM XIV® technology in use on more than 100,000 servers worldwide, IBM Spectrum Accelerate delivers predictable, consistent storage performance. It offers management scaling to more than 68 PB of usable storage as well as a rich feature set that includes remote mirroring and granular multitenancy.

IBM Spectrum Accelerate deploys on x86 commodity servers on premises and on the optimized XIV Storage System. It also deploys off premises as a public cloud service on the IBM SoftLayer® platform. You can leverage the trusted capability and flexibility of IBM Spectrum Accelerate to simplify your cloud growth and speed your path to enhanced business responsiveness and data economics.

IBM Spectrum Scale

IBM Spectrum Scale™ offers unified file-and-object SDS for high-performance, large-scale workloads on premises or in the cloud. Its GUI and simplified data management and integrated information lifecycle tools are capable of managing petabytes of data and billions of files to control the growing cost of handling ever-increasing amounts of data.

Built on the IBM General Parallel File System (IBM GPFS™), IBM Spectrum Scale includes the specialized protocols, services and performance required by technical computing, big data, the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and business-critical content repositories. Globally shared access to data with unified file, object and HDFS support enables unprecedented cost savings and agility for clusters, clouds and analytics by bringing data closer to where it’s regularly accessed.

IBM Spectrum Storage

IBM Spectrum Storage provides unlimited access to the comprehensive set of IBM software defined storage tools through straightforward licensing. It combines all six Spectrum Storage products—Control, Protect, Archive, Virtualize, Accelerate and Scale—into a single, cost-effective offering. IBM Spectrum Storage enables organizations to improve the way they manage, protect and store data as well as rapidly deploy new storage.

Applying SDS elements to specific use cases

An enterprise customer with 750 TB of SAN storage can deploy IBM Spectrum Control and IBM Spectrum Virtualize to provide access to block data. As business workloads evolve over time, SAN storage may decline while storage-rich servers proliferate. Organizations can then adjust the capabilities by deploying IBM Spectrum Control and IBM Spectrum Accelerate. In other instances, IBM Spectrum Control and IBM Spectrum Scale can support a mix of file- and object-based storage—or even allocate a portion of IBM Spectrum Scale capacity for use as an IBM Spectrum Protect deduplicated storage pool.

Exploiting innovative interactions for storage efficiency

Data is the new natural resource fueling today’s business innovation. By taking an agile approach to capturing, managing and leveraging data, organizations can find the insights that lead to more innovation—and continued competitiveness. IBM Spectrum Storage allows businesses to evolve storage technologies for enterprise-grade, open, scalable, hybrid cloud environments that leverage structured and unstructured data now and in the future. It provides access to the comprehensive array of IBM Spectrum Storage tools. Licensed as a suite of technologies instead of individual components, the IBM Spectrum Storage Suite offers a holistic approach to modernizing storage infrastructure with agility, cost-efficiency and flexibility.

Learn more about the IBM Spectrum Storage Suite.

1 Based on IBM Butterfly software analysis engine reports of projected cumulative savings.

2 IBM Research lab measurements, April 2012.

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